770-380-9727 charles@ltciga.com


Each week, a couple of days before the radio show, I send emails to a number of listeners about the upcoming show – if you would like to be added to the email list, please go to “Contact Email” and I will add you to the list!  To listen to a radio show click on RADIO SHOW.

RADIO SHOW  October 3, 2013  Barbara Hilber – GeorgiaCares Coordinator for the Legacy Link area was our very special guest!  There is a lot of confusion about Open Enrollment that is starting October 15th for Medicare qualified people.  Barbara shared with us information on the difference between Part A; B; C & D – and the importance of understanding your choices.  GeorgiaCares has “expert” people working to help our seniors understand their choices so they can make an informed decision.  Barbara also shared with us information on durable supplies; transportation; travel; ambulance services and other important topics.  A valuable subject was the “subsidies” and the Senior “SNAP”  (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) in Georgia.  SNAP is a valuable program for those seniors in need!  Barbara, and GeorgiaCares is a GREAT asset to our community!  You can call Barbara, and her staff at:  770-538-2650; email: bchilber@legacylink.org or you can go to the Legacy Link website for a lot of valuable information on a number of subjects at: www.legacylink.org

RADIO SHOW September 26, 2013 Charles White (me) was the guest speaker.  I talked about some of the basics of Long-Term Care and some of the information from “The 2014 Sourcebook for Long-Term Care Insurance Information.”  This information is published each year by one of the most respected resources in the insurance industry – “American Association For Long-Term Care Insurance.”  There have been many changes in the Long-Term Care insurance marketplace with the addition of various life and annuity plans offering very good long-term care benefits.  Also, there are a number of carriers that are offering “Short-Term Care” plans for those that feel they will not need the coverage or cannot afford Long-Term Care.  Also discussed was the “Georgia Partnership” program.  For additional information you can email me at: charles@ltciga.com or call: 770-380-9727.  Website is www.ltciga.com.

RADIO SHOW  September 19, 2013 Sonya Atkins (TIME TO PREPARE ACADEMY) and Tom McAllister (GROWTH MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL) were our guests.  Emergency Preparedness is becoming an important subject for most communities.  On September 29th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm INK (Interactive Neighborhood for Kids) will be hosting “Personal & Family Preparedness Fair” at their location: 999 Chestnut Street, Gainesville, GA. The event is sponsored by INK & Gainesville/Hall County.  Sonya, one of our area spokespersons, has been promoting the event to local organizations and Tom has been working with the various churches in Hall County to share the event information with their members.  Being prepared for an emergency, and being able to be “self sufficient” while the emergency is being dealt with, requires some serious per-planning and Sonya is a “master” at providing you with the information and supplies to prepare.  Contact information:  Sonya Atkins – email:  satkins08@gmail.com; phone: 678-450-1150; website: www.time2prepare.com.  Tom McAllister – phone: 404-314-4046; email: TomM@TotalOrgGrowth.com.  INK – phone: 770-536-1900; website: www.inkfun.org

RADIO SHOW August 29, 2013  Merry Howard, Senior Center Manager for Hall County, was our very special guest.  Merry shared with us that September is “National Senior Center Month.” It is important to understand the value that Senior Center’s bring to our communities all around the country.  Merry also shared with us some of the day-to-day events that the Hall County Senior Center supports.  There are many activities that our senior can enjoy and the Hall County Senior Center has a wealth of activities to stimulate the mind and body.  Merry can be reached at: 770-503-3331 – email: mhoward@gainesville.org or you can go to the website at: www.gainesville.org

RADIO SHOW   August 22, 2013.  Craig Towns, representing CarFit was our guest.  Craig explained how the CarFit program is “designed to help mature drivers find their safest fit.”  Working through the “Georgia Mountains Regional Commission” they have received grant money to provide educational meeting in the District 9 of Georgia – this is the same area that Legacy Link – Area Agency on Aging – Northeast Georgia represents.  August 28th from 10 am to 2:00 pm there will be a CarFit event for older drivers.  The event will be held at the Lakeshore Mall (Shallowford Road  side) under the Legacy Link tent.  It is important to call for a reservation – the process will take about 20 minutes and the information can be “life saving.”  Craig Towns, a trained professional will ask you  some simple questions and complete a 12-point CarFit checklist.  To make your appointment please contact Lisa Howard, at Legacy Link – 770-538-2650.  For additional information about CarFit you can go to their website:  www.car-fit.org.

RADIO SHOW  August 15, 2013.   Charles White, the host, shared with us information on Long-Term Care Insurance and some of the changes that are being made to make the product more marketable.  Many of the carriers are changing to life insurance base plan and using a rider to provide for the Long-Term Care benefit.  Many/most of the carriers are changing their Long-Term Care product pricing to reflect the fact that females live longer and thus might use the benefit longer than a male.   It was highly suggested that consumers schedule a time to visit one of the local Long-Term Care/Assisted Living Communities and become familiar with many of the valuable benefits that they can offer.  Also discussed was the Georgia Partnership Program.  For additional information you can call Charles at: 770-380-9727; email: charles@ltciga.com or go to the website at www.ltciga.com.

RADIO SHOW August 8, 2013 Megan Vogt, MPH – Resource Specialist – Northeast Georgia Area Agency on Aging shared with us some of the many valuable services that they provide for the community.  Adult Day Care; Senior Centers; Meals on Wheels; Respite Care; Personal Care Services and Homemaker Services are just a few of the important areas that the Northeast Georgia Area Agency on Agency supports. The agency serves 12 counties and 54 municipal governments in the Northeast Georgia Region!   To find out if any of the services might help you, or a loved one,  you can contact Megan at: 706-583-2546 ext 208 or email: mvogt@negrc.org.  To really understand all of their services, you need to go to their website: www.negrc.org.

RADIO SHOW July 25, 2013  Joe Kleid, Director of Marketing for Peregrine’s Landing at Peachtree Creek shared with us information about helping seniors with Ancestry Research & conducting an Oral History interview.  Joe, and his employer, work with many seniors that have dementia or Alzheimer’s and have found that  helping them  search their minds for long-term memories is very rewarding to the senior and their families.  Joe shared with us a number of the techniques they use to help with both the research from various sources and helping the senior and family with getting information from an “Oral History.”  You can contact Joe at: 770-803-0100; email: JKleid@PeregrinePeachtree.com.  You can visit their website: www.PeregrinePeachtree.com

RADIO SHOW  July 18, 2013  Steve D. Wareham, Program Director for the Senior Community Services Employment Program – Legacy Link, Inc. (Area Agency on Aging) was our guest.  As our local Area Agency on Aging, Legacy Link Inc. supports a very unique employment opportunity for senior (55 & older) in 23 north Georgia counties.  This program serves a duel purpose: to provide useful part-time community service assignments for persons with low income, while promoting transition to unsubsidized employment.  Through this program, Steve and his team have helped many seniors acquire the various skills needed for those seeking to reenter or remain in the workforce.  This is a great program – well thought out and definitely a value to our area.  Steve can be reached at: 770-538-2650 or email: sdwareham@legacylink.org.  For additional information about Legacy Link, Inc. you can go to their website at: www.legacylink.org.

RADIO SHOW   June 27, 2013  Merry Howard, Hall County Senior Life Center Manager was our guest.  Merry shared with us the many activities that they have on a daily/weekly basis.  They have activities for everyone – from exercise program; catfishing; water aerobics to watermelon seed spitting contests!  There should never be a reason to be bored at the Life Center!  The Center also has health checkups and various educational programs to help our 60 plus Hall County residents enjoy their life.  The Center also sponsors various “travel” trips; from a day trip to 3-4 day trips!   Very important also is their program called Telephone Reassurance Program where volunteers make daily calls to frail seniors in the Hall County area.  Lots to do at the Senior Life Center!  You can go to the website: http://www.gainesville.org/senior-life-center – check out the various activities.  You can email the Center at: seniorlifecenter@gainesville.org or call: 770-503-3331

RADIO SHOW June 20, 2013  Both Corporal Joe Britte and Corporal Kevin Holbrook, with the Gainesville Police – Community Relations Unit were our guests.  They shared some of the valuable services that the Police Department provides to our community.  We discussed Crime Prevention for Seniors; Identity Theft Fraud; Neighborhood Watch and many other helpful programs.  They also gave us information on the Vacation Home Checks; Personal Safety ideas; Self Defense Classes and the “Public Safety Academy.”  You can go to the City of Gainesville website (which is very easy to navigate): www.gainesville.org.  You can call Joe Britte or Kevin Holbrook at: 770-287-0893 or email: Joe (jbritte@gainesville.org or kholbrook@gainesville.org.

RADIO SHOW  June 13, 2013  Both Billy Hendrix, Vice President of Operations & Public Relations and Jerry Ward, Funeral Director at Memorial Park Funeral Home were our special guests! They shared with us some of the areas that they deal with at the time of a families need to pay their final respect for a deceased loved one.  One of the big issues we all can avoid is having our loved ones “guess” what our wishes are.  Memorial Park Funeral Home can help you plan your final needs and put your desires in writing to help eliminate confusion; thus, allowing your loved ones to focus on celebrating your life and allowing them to move forward.  Pre-planning can be one of the best blessings we can leave our loved ones.  We also discussed the importance of taking care of the financial part of our funeral expenses in advance; thus, releasing this financial burden from our loved ones. This is a great organization and one that we highly recommend!  You can reach their office at: 770-297-6200 or email Billy at: billy.hendrix@ymail.com or Jerry at: jerry_ward@ymail.com  You can also visit their website at: www.memorialparkfuneralhomes.com

RADIO SHOW  June 6, 2013.  Kelly Norman, Executive Director – Keep Hall Beautiful, was our special guest.  Kelly shared with us the various projects her organization supports “Keep Hall County beautiful.”  Keep Hall Beautiful is a 501c3 organization dedicated to educating citizens about environmental stewardship. Through volunteer projects, citizens are involved in community clean-ups, beautification efforts, special events, recycling, and tree plantings. Kelly depends on our local citizens to help volunteer for the various projects – most can help even with minor physical problems.  Kelly can be reached at: 770-531-1102 or email at: kelly@keephallbeautiful.org.  The website is: www.keephallbeautiful.org

 RADIO SHOW  May 30, 2013  Eddie Staub, Founder & Executive Director of Eagle Ranch was our very special guest!  The Eagle Ranch is located in the Chestnut Mountain, GA (near Flowery Branch) and was opened in 1985 to help children.  That means teachers, parents, children, houseparents and counselors – all united by a conviction and dedication to rebuild families through Christ, one at a time.  Through Mr. Staub’s dedication,  Eagle Ranch has made a big difference in many children and families.  Funding is always an important part of this valuable operation – please go to the website and see how you can help this wonderful program change the lives of children and the community!  Eagle Ranch phone number is:  770-967-8500; website: www.eagleranch.org and Eddie Staub’s email: estaub@eagleranch.org

RADIO SHOW  May 23, 2013  Dana Chapman, Executive Director of The Guest House was our guest.  First we discussed their move to a new location (360 Oak Street, Suite A – Gainesville, GA) and the changes that were made to accommodate their clients.  The Guest House is a private, non-profit Senior Health Center providing affordable care to older adults since 1985. Dana shared with us the process of determining if they would be a good service for the individual.  Cost is/can be an issue when searching for the many services that The Guest House provides.  Dana explained their method of pricing for services so that almost anyone in need can afford.  Great service; great location; and a great staff!  Dana can be reached at: 770-535-1487 or email: dana@theguesthouse.org.  You can visit their website at www.theguesthouse.org

RADIO SHOW  May 16, 2013.  Don Linnartz, District Coordinator for AARP Georgia Driver Safety Program was our guest.  Don shared with us information on the Driver Safest Program and why we should consider taking the class.  One big reason is that you can qualify for a 10% discount on your auto insurance (please contact Don for additional information).  There is a class scheduled on June 4 at Christ Lutheran Church starting at 9:00 am.  This is a 6 hour, information filled, class.  After completing the course you will be given a form to present to your insurance carrier for the 10% discount.  The cost to take the course is under $20.00 – much less then your potential insurance discount!  Even if you do not contact your insurance carrier the information is well worth your time!  To register for the class contact Don at:  (770) 538-4816  or you can email him at: delinnartz@gmail.com

RADIO SHOW May 9, 2013.  Barbara Hilber, GeorgiaCares Coordinator – Legacy Link – Area Agency on Aging was our guest.  Barbara shared with us that GeorgiaCares is a private-public partnership, administered by the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Aging Services (DAS). GeorgiaCares is a volunteer-based program that provides free, unbiased and factual information and assistance to Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers.  Barbara provides help to seniors in the 13 county service area that Legacy Link provides valuable services for our seniors.  Barbara can be reached at: 770-538-2650 or bchilber@legacylink.org.  Additional information can be found at: www.legacylink.org.

RADIO SHOW April 25, 2013.  Steve Giacchino, Senior Reverse Mortgage Consultant with Retire Secure, LLC was our guest.  Steve shared with us information on the various reasons someone could/should consider a reverse mortgage.  Stave also shared with us some minor changes to the program effective earlier this year.  I my opinion there are many misunderstandings about this valuable program and a local expert, like Steve, can help you better understand this valuable concept.  If you are at least age 62 and own your home (even if there is a current mortgage) this is a program worth listening to.  Steve can be reached at – office: 770-844-7200; mobile: 770-354-1040 or email: steve.g@retiresecurenow.com.  You can get additional information at their website: http://www.RetireSecureNow.net

RADIO SHOW April 18, 2013.  Sonya Atkins – Author, Speaker and Principle/Owner of “Time 2 Prepare” was our guest.  Sonya shared with us that there is a movement in the Hall County area to create a central “Emergency Preparedness” network.  A very important part of emergency preparedness is making sure you and your family are prepared.  We discussed many of the areas that, we as individuals, need to organize in case of an emergency such as; documents; medication; water supply; first aid kits; lighting; food and many other items/areas that are discussed on the “Time 2 Prepare” website.  Sonya was recently invited to an organization in Utah for a key informational meeting on preparedness and has brought this knowledge back to our area.  If you have an organization that is looking to have a seminars or workshops – this would be a great area to help learn some of the techniques on how to prepare and respond to an emergency!  Sonya can be reached at: 678-450-1150; email: Time2Prepare.com@gmail.com; website: Time2Prepare.com


RADIO SHOW April 4, 2013.  Rachel Spain and Kristy Crump, GENTIVA HOSPICE were our special guests.  Both of them shared information about the many services that Hospice offers to someone that has been given 6 months or less to live.  Many people in need of Hospice are unaware that services can begin as far out as 6 months and most of the cost, if covered under Medicare, are paid.  The services not only apply to the person that is terminal but also to helping family members cope with the loss of a loved one.  This is a GREAT benefit that more of us need to be aware of!  Rachel and Kristy can be contacted at: 770-533-4422.  To learn more about GENTIVA  go to their website: www.gentiva.com.  You can email Rachel at: Anna.Spain@gentiva.com or Kristy at: Kristy.Crump@gentiva.com

RADIO SHOW March 28, 2013.  Adrienne Simpson, President and Founder of SMOOTH MOOOVE Senior Relocation Services was our guest.  Adrienne recognized a number of years ago that “downsizing,” or moving a senior to a new location like an independent living community, is a traumatic event for many seniors.  Taking advantage of her corporate business skills, she started a unique moving company targeted toward seniors.  Her company’s goal is to make the transition as stress free as possible – Adrienne and her staff  counsel with the senior and their family to help them decide what is best to keep; giveaway; sell; donate or put into the trash and then help them with a professional “Smooth Mooove!  I highly recommend that you visit the website at: www.wemoveseniors.com for more information on this great service.  Adrienne can be reach by email at: Adrienne@wemoveseniors.com or call their office at: 678-476-6666 – 888-777-1482.

RADIO SHOW  March 21, 2013.  Melanie Loughrey-Burrows, Community Relations Director for both THE HOLBROOK of Lake Lanier and DOGWOOD FOREST was our guest.  Melanie shared with us the various reasons a person would/should consider moving to an independent living or assisted living community.  The newer, more modern communities, have the amenities and activities that seniors and those with aging issues can enjoy.  Melanie suggested that families consider touring the independent communities and see for themselves.  I personally have toured THE HOLBROOK and feel it would be a great place to live!  You can visit their website at: www.trinitybelieves.com.  Melanie can be reached at: 770-531-7800 or at: mloughrey@trinitybelieves.com

RADIO SHOW March 14, 2013. Rachel Joiner, Mission Delivery Manager – South Atlanta Division for the American Cancer Society shared with us information about a new survey/study called CPS-3.  This survey/study will involve 300,000 participants across the U.S. with about 400 participating in our local area.  To participate in this program enrollment will be April 23 – 24 at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center.  To schedule an appointment go to: www.cps3gainesville.org  or call: 888-604-5888.  If you know of someone that has had cancer, this is a great way to show your support!  Remember the American Cancer Society has a number of patient service programs: free wigs, hats, and turbans; Look Good Feel Better; Reach to Recovery; Road to Recovery and Hope lodges are some of the many support areas that are available.  For additional information: www.cancer.org or call: 800-227-2345.

RADIO SHOW March 7, 2013.  John McMillon, Community Educator for Chestatee Regional Hospital shared with us information that may help us, or a loved one, that might be suffering from depression or other feelings that will affect our normal life style.  John indicated, that with our economy and the job market, a person might be caught in the middle – taking care of their parents and also providing housing for their adult children.  John shared with us a number of ways that a person can start feeling better about themselves with the situations that life may have dealt us.  We also discussed the importance of a positive mental attitude as we get older and suffer a major illness.  Basically our attitude dictates, to a large degree, who we are and how we feel!  For more information you can contact John McMillon office at: 706-867-4241 or cell phone: 706-429-6665 – email: counselorjbm@yahoo.com

RADIO SHOW  February 28, 2013.   Bill Youngblood, CNA, CSA – owner of Right at Home (In Home Care & Assistance)  was our special guest.  With the aging of America, and changes in health care, the importance of “Home  Care” is increasing – Bill  shared with us the many benefits of this type of care.  As we age, or need help after a hospital stay, it comforting to know that there are services in our community to help us.  Help can be as little as a few hours to 24 hour around the clock help.  An important part of his message was the fact that the Home Care people are carefully screened and trained to provide the customer quality care.  You can reach Bill at:  770-535-3007; email: bill.youngblood@rah-nega.com or theit website: www.rah-nega.com

RADIO SHOW February 21, 2013.  David Allred, Investment Advisor Representative and Senior Partner of Advanced Retirement Planning LLC was our guest.  David shared with us information on Veterans benefits – specifically “Aid and Attendance.”  Many of our veterans, and their families, are not aware of the valuable benefits available if a veteran served during war time to help cover of Home Health Care and Nursing Home costs.  These benefits are also available to the qualified widow/widower.  David also shared with us some basic estate planning ideas that can be implemented now to help save time and stress when needed.  David can be reached at: 770-898-0300 or email: dallred@arpllc.com.  The Advanced Retirement Planning website is: www.arpllc.

RADIO SHOW February 14, 2013.  Jill Crunkleton, LMSW – Bereavement Counselor, Hospice of Northeast Georgia Medical Center was our special guest.  Jill shared with us many of the benefits that Hospice has to offer a person that is terminally ill and their family!  Many people do not know that Hospice will start helping the when a person is in a position where they are not expected to live longer that six months due to a serious health issue.  Hospice offers palliative, holistic and patient centered approach to care.  Looking for a great volunteer opportunity – call Northeast Georgia Medical Center. Great program at a time of great need!  Jill can be reached at: 770-219-0274 or you can email her at:jill.crunkleton@nghs.com

RADIO SHOW February 7, 2013.  Don Colombero, Marketing Director for Legacy Link was our special guest. Don shared with us the various projects that Legacy Link is involved in to help our seniors.  Legacy Link is our Area Agency on Aging and works with senior in a 13 county area.  You can go to their website: www.legacylink.org and get information about their various projects.  Don can be reached at: 770-538-2650 or you can email: dfcolombero@legacylink.org.

RADIO SHOW  January 31, 2013.  We discussed Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi).  We talked about some of the negative information about rate increases and cost of coverage.  On rate increase – why not look at it as having had a discount for a number of years!  Many financial planners do not offer LTCi and do not have a good attitude about the coverage.  We also discussed using Single Premium Life Insurance and Single Premium Annuities as a source for providing for Long-Term Care (some really big benefits).  For those that cannot afford, or do not see themselves in a situation to use the  coverage, we discussed some Short-Term Care and its benefits.  For more information contact: Charles White 770-380-9727 or email: charles@LTCiGA.com.

RADIO SHOW January 24, 2013.  Our guest today was Laura Leiden, a National Association of Realtors “Senior Real Estate Specialist.” As our population ages (10,000 turning age 65 every day) the importance of a realtor specializing in understanding the needs of our seniors is very important!  Laura gave us a number of great tips for our aging population to consider.  Laura also has a number of workshops for our seniors to gain knowledge on various choices in housing.  The Athens Banner-Herald Reader’s Choice Poll rated Laura as the #1 Best Real Estate Agent for Athens, GA! Laura can be reached at: 706-316-2900; email: laura@lauraleiden.com and website for additional information: www.lauraleiden.com

RADIO SHOW  January 17, 2013.  Today at we talked with Andrea Shoemaker, Senior Community Manager with the American Cancer Society.  Andrea shared with us that May 31st  the Relay for Life of Gainesville – Hall County  event will be held at Road Atlanta, Braselton.  The time of the event has been changed to 6:00 PM to midnight.  Andrea also shared with us some information about a Cancer Prevention Study 3 program that is being introduced. The American Cancer Society is looking for volunteers to help them with this Cancer Prevention Study. For more information Andrea can be reached at: 770-297-1176 or email: andrea.shoemaker@cancer.org.  For more information on the Relay For Life and your opportunity to sign up: www.hallrelay.org

RADIO SHOW January 10, 2013.  Todd Fields, CFP , President of Trusted Wealth Management shared with us investment ideas slanted toward seniors.  It is important for seniors to protect their retirement assets; however, you must still get a respectable return to stay ahead of inflation which can lower the value of your retirement assets.  Todd shared with us some ideas and concepts to help us in our retirement years.

Todd can be reached at: 678-288-2016

email: todd@trustedwealthmanagement.com

website: www.trustedwealthmanagement.com

RADIO SHOW January 3, 2013.  Greg Patterson, PT, GCS with Tugaloo Home Health Care Agency shared with us information on issues that face most seniors and that is falls and balance.  Falls are not necessarily a normal part of aging and there are some ways to help prevent them from happening.  It is estimated that 1 in 3 adult over age 65 will fall every year.  Over the age of 80, falls happen to  about 1 in 2 seniors.   Also, on average, 20% of patients over age 50 that fracture a hip die the following year – 40% pass away in the 2nd year after the fracture.  There are things we can do to help prevent falls – listen to the show and see if you know of someone that could be helped!  Greg can be reached at: 770-530-6023 or email: gregory.patterson@amedisys.com

RADIO SHOW  December 6, 2012.  Chris Nish, President of the North Georgia Senior Resources, shared with us information about the upcoming “Senior Celebration.”  This is the third year for this non-denominational event that is being held at the First Presbyterian Church in Gainesville.  The event will be held on December 11th from 9:30 – 11:00am.  There should be well over 100 seniors attending the event – refreshments and snacks will be provided.  The Senior Celebration is simply a time where we meet with area seniors to celebrate their life in a special way.  Chris also shared with us his participation in the new Gainesville Alzheimer’s  Walk and also his involvement in the Cancer Relay for Life.  We also shared information about the “BULLI” Program and the “Senior Leadership” (Wisdom) program.   Chris can be reached at: 770-561-8160.  For more information about the BULLI or WISDOM programs contact: Charles White – 770-380-9727

RADIO SHOW November 29, 2012  Sonya Atkins, Emergency Preparedness Advocate, shared with us valuable information on Emergency Preparedness for Seniors. The information was good foundational information on preparedness for everyone and some specifics for folks with senior family members. The recent hurricane brought out the importance of preparedness and we must remember that we, here in North Georgia, are susceptible to Tornadoes and other natural disasters. Sonya can be reached at: 678-450-1150; email: time2prepare.com@gmail.com website: Time2Prepare.com and Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Time2Prepare  ALSO check out the website in a few days for her new book that will be available through Amazon.com!

RADIO SHOW  November 15, 2012  Kirk Lindquist, The Marketing Coordinator – Sleep Disorders Center of Northeast Georgia Medical Center was our guest.  Kirk shared with us various sleeping disorders and possible solutions.  I found it interesting that Medicare would cover these types of charges.  Kirk can be contacted at: 770-219-6263; email: kirk.lindquist@nghs.com or website: http://www.nghs.com/sleep.

RADIO SHOW  November 8, 2012 Donald E. C. Linnartz, with the AARP Driver Safety Program was our guest  and he shared with us that they are offering their safe driving course “FREE” to VETERANS during the month of November!  This offer is available to individuals who serve or have served in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard/Reserves or Coast Guard. Spouses (including domestic partners, widows and widowers), dependents and children are also eligible to take advantage of this promotion.

PLEASE, if you know of someone that can take advantage of this GREAT offer – call them.  There a number of classes here in Hall County very conveniently located.  Call Don at: 770-538-4816.

RADIO SHOW November 1, 2012  Jim Hammond, Gainesville Theatre Alliance Artistic and Managing Director was our special guest.  Mr. Hammond shared with us that the Gainesville Theatre Alliance is nationally acclaimed collaboration between Gainesville State College; Brenau University; Theatre Professionals and Northeast Georgia Community.  They have many professional performers work with the students at Brenau and Gainesville State to create “top” performances.  Mr. Hammond also share with us the new alliance with the new Buford Community Center and Theatre.  We are definitely blessed to have such talent and performances in our area!  The website is: www.gainesvilletheatrealliance.org where you can subscribe to their email blasts.  For tickets and other information call: 678-717-3624.  Jim can be contacted at: 770-654-8330 or email: jhammond@gsc.edu

RADIO SHOW  October 25, 2012  Charles White shared some basic information about the Open Enrollment of Medicare Advantage plans and why some of them are free, and include prescription drugs!  Charles also went over information on Long-Term Care and various options.  You can contact him (me) at: 770-380-9727 or email: charles@ltciga.com

RADIO SHOW  October 18, 2012 Troy Phillips with “Project” J.O.Y. (Jesus. Others. Yourself.) was our special guest.  Troy shared with us information about the upcoming, 3rd Annual, Free Community Thanksgiving Dinner being held on November 22nd – noon to 2:00 PM.  The event will be held at the Masonic Lodge – 621 Lakeshore Drive, Gainesville.  It is through the caring beliefs of Troy; Rose Moon; Russ and Jason Gee that this event has been created and they expect about 500 people to share in this Thanksgiving Dinner!.  If you would like to volunteer or make a donation you can contact Troy Phillips at: 678-316-7834 or email: rtroyphillips@yahoo.com.  Rose Moon at: 678-480-0551 or email: e_moon@bellsouth.net

RADIO SHOW October 11, 2012  Chris Nish, Community Services Manager with Home Instead, shared with us information about the upcoming Alzheimer’s Walk on October 20th at Laurel Park in Gainesville.  This will be the first Alzheimer’s Walk in our area so we need the community support to make this an important statement about Alzheimer’s.   For more information about this new event, and how you might be able to help, please  contact Chris at: (770) 561-8160 or email: chris.nish@homeinstead.com.

RADIO SHOW October 4, 2012  Rustin Smith, an attorney with Stewart Melvin & Frost was our special guest.  Rustin co-chairs the very popular Mule Camp Market Festival, a Gainesville Jaycees special event.  The Mule Camp Market Festival will be held in downtown Gainesville on the Square.  It is anticipated that there will be about 75,000 people that will attend the largest annual festival in the area.  There will be a number of food courts with a great selection of delicious foods!  There will also be about 150 vendors on a wide range of subjects.  This GREAT event will be from October 12th to October 14th – check out the event at: http://www.gainesvillejaycees.org/about/projects/mule-camp/.  If you have a legal problem or want more information about the Mule Camp Market Festival – Rustin is the man!  Rustin can be reached at 770-536-0101 ext 350.

RADIO SHOW September 27, 2012.  Jerry Lothridge, President of the Lanier Shrine Club (YAARAB SHRINE), was our special guest and shared with us information on the Shriners commitment to helping children with orthopaedic and burns conditions.  Jerry shared with us the fact that the Shriners have 22 hospitals to help children under the age of 18.  The Lanier Shrine Club will be hosting a special “screening” trailer at the Mule Camp Market Festival held in Gainesville, GA from October 12th to October 14th.

RADIO SHOW  September 20, 2012.  Susan D. Brown, with Gainesville Family Lawyers, was our special guest.  Susan shared with us valuable information about Probate, wills and directives.  Wills and various directives are things that we sometimes put off creating – they are valuable and should be a very important part of making sure our loved ones know our desires and wishes.  The cost to create is nominal when compared with the cost, and emotional drain, a family must suffer if the proper information is not available when needed!  Susan can be reached at: 770-534-7111, email: sdblaw@bellsouth.net, website: www.gainesvillefamilylawyers.com

RADIO SHOW  September 13, 2012.  Mr. Chris Nish, with with Home Instead Senior Care, was our special host for the show.  Chris interviewed Marcus Rock with SunCrest Home Health about the various services that the home health care industry provides.  This is a valuable resource for those that are in a position, health wise, to need help and do not yet need or want the services of a Nursing Home/Assisted Living Home.  Many people want to stay home when they are ill and the home health care services are a valuable source to help with care.  Marcus Rock can be reached at: 404-654-0742, Email: MRock@SunCrestHealth.com, Website: www.SunCrestHealth.com

RADIO SHOW  September 6, 2012.  William Lightfoot, Ph.D. from Brenau University was our “special” host.  Dr. Lightfoot interviewed  Kay Blackstock, Executive Director for the Georgia Mountain Food Bank.  Part of the interview focused on the NEW Food Bank warehouse that was recently completed here in the Gainesville area.  This new facility will allow the Food Bank to both serve more people and keep the cost down.  Kay also shared with us the history of the Food Bank and the important role it plays in helping those in need.  Kay Blackstock can be reached at: 770-967-0075 – email: kay@gamountainfoodbank.org.  The Food Bank website is: www.gamountainfoodbank.org.

RADIO SHOW  August 23, 2012.  Mia Credle, Community Relations Director for Peachtree Village Senior Living, Commerce, GA was our guest.  Mia shared with us information to help those that are looking at the possibilities of relocating to a Senior Living community and covered options from independent living – to assisted living – to memory care.  With an average of 10,000 people turning age 65 every day, knowing these options can be important!  Mia can be reached at: 706-336-5848 or cell: 706-371-2099; email: peachtreevillage-CRD@emeritus.com; website: www.emeritus.com.

RADIO SHOW  August 16, 2012.  Chris Nish, Community Services Manager with Home Instead SENIOR CARE, has also taken on the task of raising funds for the S.A.G.E. House (Support and Advocacy for Georgia Elderly) so they can start operating.  Elder Abuse is a very real problem and most societies do not want to admit the problem occurs – reality is that it does.  Hall County will be one of the first to both acknowledge the problem and do something about it!  Chris can use our support in raising the funds necessary to help our seniors.  There is too much information about Elder Abuse to put on this site – get with Chris and he can share that information with you!   Chris also shared with us information on the Alzheimer’s walk that will take place on October 20th.  You can reach Chris at: 770-534-5880.  Give him a call and let him know the community is behind his efforts!

RADIO SHOW  July 26, 2012.  John McMillon, MS , Community Educator for the Changing Seasons program at Chestatee Regional Hospital was our guest.  John shared with us many issues facing our population as we age.  Declining physical and emotional functions can leave the caregiver feeling overwhelmed, especially spouses, children and even outpatient professionals.  Professional help is available and John shared with us some of the many sources that seniors and/or their loved ones can contact.  Our population is aging and it is important to recognize problems in the early stages and seek help.  John covers a wide service area and can be reached by phone: 706-429-6665 or email:counselorjbm@yahoo.com

RADIO SHOW – July 12, 2012.  Howard Bradley with Simple C, LLC was our special guest.  Howard shared with us some of the ways that new technology can be used to help seniors.  Some of the areas the newer technology can help with is safety; health and wellness; social connectedness and electronic documentation.  These newer technology concepts can help improve the quality of life for older adults both at home or in a assisted living setting.  Howard can be reached at: 678-640-4802; email: HBradley@SimpleC.com or go to the website at: www.SimpleC.com

RADIO SHOW – June 28, 2012.  Our guest this week was Andrea Shoemaker, Senior Community Manager for the American Cancer Society.  Andrea shared with us the result of the Hall County Relay for Life event that was held this past month.  The Relay is always looking for new “teams” and individuals and businesses that will help support the Relay programs.  Contributions for this years Relay for Life are still being accepted through August 31st – please see the contact information below if you would like to contribute.  The American Cancer Society provides a number of valuable serves for our area such as; “Freshstart” Smoking Cessation Classes; Look Good . . . Feel Better; Patient Room; Reach to Recovery; Road to Recovery and many more services.  For more information about the various services and ways for you to get help and provide help call Andrea Shoemaker: 770-297-1176 ext 29065; email: andrea.shoemaker@cancer.org; national phone number 800-227-2345 or go to the website at: www.cancer.org

RADIO SHOW – June 21, 2012.  Our guest this week was Milon Christman, Meals on Wheels Coordinator for Hall County Georgia. Mr. Christman shared with us the history of the Meals on Wheels program and how it is vital to many of our senior citizens.  In many cases, without the Meals on Wheels program, seniors would suffer from the nutritional values of a quality meal and unnecessary medical issues could develop.  It is truly amazing how the Meals on Wheels volunteers not only devote their time to the program they are also responsible for their own expenses (car and gas).  A large part of the value of being a volunteer is visiting with our seniors and seeing directly the value of their efforts.   Our Meals on Wheels program could use your help – if you would like to volunteer, they have meeting every Wednesday.  If you would like to make a donation to help our local seniors you can make your contribution by donating to: 1. Sustaining Funding – Community Council on Aging, 430 Prior Street, S.E, Gainesville, GA  30501; 2. Waiting list funds– Meals on Wheels,C/O North Georgia Community Foundation,615 Oak Street, suite 1300,Gainesville, GA 30501.  You can contact Milon Christman at: 770-503-3330 or email: mchristman@gainesville.org

RADIO SHOW.  June 14, 2012.  Our guest was Scott Morrison, CSA, President of BrightStar.  BrightStar is one of the leading Home Health Care agencies in our area.  Scott shared with us information about being prepared for “Aging in Place” and the various things that we can do now to help ourselves later when our health may change.  Scott is also very much involved in the “Eden at Home” program.  I find most impressive Scott’s dedication to the industry and his concerns for our seniors.  Scott can be reached at: office 678-646-5400 or cell 770-542-9544.  You can also email Scott at: scott.morrison@brightstarcare.com.  You can get more information about BrightStar at: www.brightstarcare.com

RADIO SHOW.  May 31, 2012.  Our special guest was Dana Chapman, Executive Director of the Guest House Adult Day Health Center.  Dana shared with us many of the programs that they offer for those that need help with their loved ones during the day.  The Guest House is one of the few locations in North Georgia that specializes in Adult Day Care.  This non-profit organization is a great resource for our community and they can always use your help in providing funding ideas.  For more information about the Guest House you can call Dana at: 770-535-1487; email: dana@theguesthouse.org or go to their website: the guesthouse.org.

RADIO SHOW.  May 24, 2012.  Kathy Amos, Director of Brenau University Center For Lifetime Study/BULLI was our guest.  Regrettably the system was not working correctly and the show was not able to be recorded.  SORRY!

RADIO SHOW   May 17, 2012.  Kay Blackstock, Executive Director of the Georgia Mountain Food Bank shared with us the building progress on the new Food Bank location (1642 Calvary Industrial Drive, SW in Gainesville, GA 30507).  They have scheduled the “ribbon cutting” for August 17th to announce the official opening of this valuable location.  Updates can be found on their website.  Kay shared with us some of the many programs that they work hard to support – all designed to help the five counties that they serve.  When you look at the work they do, it is amazing how they can leverage every one dollar that they raise into nine dollars of value for our community!   Kay can be reached at: 770-967-0075; email: kay@gamountainfoodbank.org.  Their website is: www.gamountainfoodbank.org.  Any help you can provide this great organization will be greatly appreciated!

RADIO SHOW  May 10, 2012.  Todd Fields, CFP, President of Trusted Wealth Management, Inc. shared with us information to better help us understand various investment options.  Todd shared with us the difference between “fee based” and “commission” driven charges.  Todd also shared with us some of the different investment strategies we might consider that can help match the investment risk with our goals and age.  Todd also shared with us some of the “scams” that are out there to take advantage of many of the consumers that do not have a qualified financial adviser, like Todd to help them.  For additional information/help you can reach Todd Fields, CFP at: 678-288-2016; email: todd@trustedwealthmanagement.com or at his website: www.trustedwealthmanagement.com

RADIO SHOW May 3, 2012.  Ms. Barbara Scurry, BBA, “Daily Money Manager” shared with us how many people have difficulty in managing their own day-to-day personal financial affairs and that as the “Daily Money Manager” she can help.  Barbara’s services meet a continuum of needs from assisting with bill paying or check writing and maintaining bank accounts to organizing and keeping track of financial and medical insurance paperwork.  Barbara also shared with us the information from her seminars on the basic “Six Scams Targeting Seniors.” If you would like more information about a seminar or any of Barbara’s services – call: 678-278-8410 – you can email: barbara@themoneymoxie.com or go to her website: www.themoneymoxie.com

RADIO SHOW April 26, 2012.  Ms. Paula Martin, Medical Management Concepts, LLC works with Gold City Convalescent Center and the Mountain View Healthcare Center in finding residents for their Communities.  Paula shared with us important information on the value and importance of Nursing Home/Assisted Living arrangements.  It is felt that is more families truly understood the value to their loved on the services offered at the communities that there would be less reluctance on the part of the Caregiver and the person looking at going into the community.  For additional information Paula Martin can be reached at: 770-540-9888 or you can email her at: farmsccc@aol.com.

RADIO SHOW April 19, 2012.  Mr. Maurice Madden, Georgia Director for the Medicare Diabetes Screening Project was our guest.  Mr. Madden shared with us the “Get A  Jump on Diabetes” program that is being offered at the Greater Atlanta YMCA’s.  This program is looking for 200 people age 65 and older that have been diagnosed with prediabetes and who are overweight.  The program will be offered at the various YMCA’s in the Metro area – including the YMCA in Cumming!  This is a 16-session lifestyle intervention class and there are trained lifestyle coaches to help.    Mr. Madden shared with us that Medicare will cover the cost of testing through your Doctor and the classes are free!  Research as shown that older adults with prediabetes can reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 71%.  Great program – and it is free for the first 200 seniors that qualify!  For more information you can call Linda Vaughn, Metro Atlanta YMCA at: 404-527-7690 email: preventdiabetes@ymcaatlanta.org website: www.GetAJumpOnDiabetes.org.  If you would like to contact Maurice Madden you can call: 404-483-2640.

RADIO SHOW April 12, 2012.  Ms. Brook Davidson, a local Probate Lawyer shared with us some valuable information for our seniors and boomers. Brook specializes in working with families involved in litigation and administration, including guardianship and conservatorship of incapacitated adults. Brook also specializes in helping seniors that are victims of financial fraud.  As a great probate lawyer you must have a real passion for listening and understanding the needs of the families that you come in contact with – Brook has that compassion.  It is that passion that I saw during the show that says “VOTE for BROOK DAVIDSON for Hall County Probate Court Judge in the Republican Primary on July 31st.” For additional information about Brook and her campaign go to: www.AllAboutHall.com – phone: 770-513-1200email: bdavidson@amrslaw.com

RADIO SHOW April 5, 2012.  David Allred, Advanced Retirement Planning, LLC shared with us valuable information that can help our retired Veterans.  The primary subject was the “Aid & Attendance” or “Improved Pension Program” benefit available to eligible veterans (and their spouses) who served active duty during a period of wartime.  There are numerous benefits available – check with David for details.  David can be reached at: 770-898-0300 email: dallred@arpllc.com and you can also go to their website at: www.arpllc.com.  You can also go to: www.VeteransPlanning.com for additional information.

RADIO SHOW  March 29, 2012.  Caroline Ventry, Eldercare Advisor for “A Place for Mom” was our special guest.  Caroline shared with us information on how they help caregivers and elders “navigate” the maze of senior care and housing options.  A Place of Mom is a great resource both locally and nationally.  If you need information they can help and your cost for this information is free!  Caroline can be reached at: 678-223-8959 or you can email: carolinev@aplaceformom.com.

RADIO SHOW  March 22, 2012.  Kristina Rhoades, who is the current Brenau Radio Station Manager was our guest.  Kristina will be leaving Brenau on March 30th to pursue other business challenges – she will be missed!   For those that do not know, Kristina has been a paraplegic since the age of 10 months.  Kristina has learned, through her life’s experiences, to focus on what you are capable of doing and enjoying life with her husband and four month old daughter!  Kristina will be working with manufactures of various equipment to help those with disabilities and she is also scheduled to do a motivational speaking tour in Europe later this year!    If you need help in choosing equipment or know of someone that needs help or advise, you can contact Kristina at: kristina.rhoades@gmail.com or go to her website at: www.kristinarhoades.me

RADIO SHOW  March 15, 2012.  We discussed the basics of Long-Term Care Insurance. The show was designed to give the listening audience a better comfort level, not only with the insurance but also with the idea of going to an Assisted Living Community. With 10,000 boomers turning age 65 daily, and the studies showing that they will live on average to age 85, the need is there.  The studies also show that a couple turning age 65 have a 70% probably of needing some form of Long-Term Care during the balance of their life.  The new Assisted Living communities are wonderful places to LIVE.  For more information on Long-Term Care Insurance, please review this site or call me: Charles White 770-380-9727.

RADIO SHOW  March 8, 2012.  Dana Chapman, Executive Director for The Guest House Adult Day Health Center was our special guest.  The Guest House is based in Gainesville and serves the surrounding counties providing much needed professional services for adults that are not ready to go to a Nursing Home but need special care.  Because of their professional services, families can continue their career knowing that their loved one is being given excellent care during their work day.  Services of Adult Day Care Centers can also provide a break for the family caregiver that provides care 24/7.  Studies have shown that giving the caregiver a day to be free of care-giving can provide the mental relieve from the stress that constant care-giving demands.  The Guest House, being a non-profit organization, works with the families to structure the cost of care to make it affordable and available.  You can contact Dana Chapman at: 770-535-1487 or email: dana@theguesthouse.org.  Their website is: www.theguesthouse.org

RADIO SHOW  March 1, 2012.  Today we had Nancy Peeples, Resource Specialist with the Disability Resource Center and Greg Owens share with us many of the valuable things that the Disability Resource Center is doing to help make North Georgia one of the best areas for those, of all ages, that might need assistance.  The Disability Resource Center can always use volunteers – so if you are wanting to help in the community, this would be a great place to start.  The Center’s website is: www.disabilityresourcecenter.org.  Nancy’s email address is: nancy.peeples@disabilityresourcecenter.org. The phone number for the Center is: 770-534-6656

RADIO SHOW  February 23,2012.  WOW – Today we had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Schrader, President of Brenau University.  Brenau is a valuable asset to the North Georgia area and his explanation of their programs and goals more than confirms why North Georgia is such a great place to work and live.  Brenau has been serving the community since 1878 with educational programs our students need to succeed in this fast paced world.   This is a must listen show and I believe you will gain additional respect for the “University and the people that make it great.”  Brenau website is: www.brenau.edu.  The BULLI adult education classes website is: www.brenau.edu/home/?page_id=5009

RADIO SHOW  February 16, 2012.   Kevin McCully, PH.D., Kinesiology Department – University of Georgia was our special guest. Professor McCully is working on a project to help people that have leg pains.  Professor McCully told us that many times the pain from walking might be a result of the body not getting enough oxygen to the legs and thus causing the pain.  He also shared with us that this leg pain might be a sign that the person may also need to have their heart checked.  Professor McCully shared with that diet and other health related issues can be controlled and perhaps relieve the problem.  Through Professor McCully’s area they are testing equipment that can determine the amount of oxygen in the legs and train the person to improve their walking ability – great help!  If you or someone you know is having problems and is willing to find out how to improve their life the University of Georgia in Athens can help – if you fit their program the help is FREE!  Professor McCully can be emailed at: mccully@uga.edu  A great website you can visit to get more information about leg pain is: http://www.padcoalition.org/resources/interactive-workbook.php

RADIO SHOW  February 9, 2012.  Alison McElvery, Chair of the HEART BALL was our special guest.  Alison shared with us information on the Heart Ball taking place Saturday, February 25, 2012 – great music, food and people!  This Ball is in honor of Carol H. Burrell, CEO and President of Northeast Georgia Health Systems, Inc.   This hospital has been acknowledged as being the best Heart Hospital in Georgia and one of the best in America!  We also discussed The American Heart Association and some of the things we can do as individuals to help with heart disease.  To get tickets for the Heart Ball you can call: 800-257-6941 ext 6160 or go to the website at: www.heart.org/hallheartball.  If you would like to contact Alison she can be reached at: 770-536-2421 or email: amcelvery@aol.com

RADIO SHOW February 2, 20112.  Tamara Clark, D.O.M., L.Ac., owner of Flourish Acupuncture & Healing Arts, LLC was our guest.  Tamara also has a radio show on this Brenau station on Wednesday’s 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm and repeated on Friday at 6:00 am and Sunday at 2:00 pm.  Tamara shared with us some of the many valuable benefits of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.   Fascinating subject and well worth listening to!  You can visit her website at: www.flourishacupuncture.com. You can contact her at 678-622-0001. You can email her at: tclarke@flourishacupuncture.com  You can listen to her show!

RADIO SHOW January 26, 2012. Carol Williams, Hall County Community Council on Aging Chair was our guest.  Carol shared with us information about the “Meals-on-Wheels” program supported by the Community Service Center.  It is amazing to see well over 200 people donate their time to deliver meals to the seniors in Hall County that need the extra help.  What is even more amazing is the fact that they do this in their own vehicles and are not reimbursed for any of their expenses!  When our county, and other counties, review their budget and need to make cuts the Meals-on-Wheels should never be touched.  Without this valuable serve many of these seniors would have to turn to other help like a nursing home care that is provided by Medicaid, which is much more costly than this program! For more information about this program, and other programs supported by the Community Service Center listen to the show!  To get information on how to volunteer or make a financial contribution call: 770-503-3330.  You can also visit the websites at: www.gainesville.org or www.hallcounty.org.

RADIO SHOW January 19, 2012. Cheryl Christian, Executive Director for the Good News Clinics, was our special guest. The Good News Clinics offers “no cost” medical and dental services for residents of Gainesville/Hall County that do not have medical insurance.  This amazing program started in 1993 and has grown to the point that last year the economic value of their services exceeded $14 million dollars!  These services are provided by local professionals and other volunteers.  The administration cost were financed by grants and donations by our community (no tax dollars).  It is wonderful to see a community unite around this valuable program.  Please listen to the show and hear “the rest of the story.”  The Good News Clinics have a website at: www.goodnewsclinics.org.  You can call them at: 770-297-5040 or you can email Cheryl Christian at: cchristian@goodnewsclinics.org.

RADIO SHOW January 12, 2012. Sarah McKinney, Director of Volunteer Services for the Athens Area Council on Aging (ACCA) was our guest.  Ms. McKinney shared with us the wide range of volunteer opportunities that are available in many communities.    Of special interest was the ACCA’s new program called “THE VILLAGE.”  Ms. McKinney acknowledged that they had approximately 1,648 volunteers that donated a total of about 22,030 hours or the equivalent of 10.6 full time employees!  The Village program should actually increase the numbers.  Ms. McKinney also shared with us that volunteering can improve our social, physical and mental health.  Sarah McKinney can be reached at: 706-549-4850 or you can email at: smckinney@accaging.org.  The Athens Community Council on Aging also has a website at: www.accaging.org

RADIO SHOW January 5, 2012. Andrew E. Neighbors, a local specialist on “Reverse Mortgages” was our special guest.  Reverse mortgage is a valuable program that can help our seniors (62 and older) maintain or improve their quality of life.  Please take the time to listen to this show and let other know about this program.  Mr. Neighbors can be reached at: 706-543-2106 or email: andrew.neighbors@myFirstCenturyBank.com

RADIO SHOW December 15, 2011. Pastor Rod Bell, President of the Maranatha Christian Academy in Oakwood, GA shared with us some fascinating information about how you can use your individual and corporate state income tax to help pay for your child’s private pre-K, K and through high school.  Don’t have children or grandchildren school age – you can still contribute to a private education school.  There is way too much information to put into this intro – LISTEN TO THE SHOW.  One great site that Pastor Bell shared with us that can help you through the process is www.payitforwardscholarships.com.  This site can answer most of your questions – they are located in Gainesville if you need to make an appointment to see them in person – the website is very user friendly and informative!  You can get information about the Maranatha Christian Academy at: www.aplacetogrow.me.  You can call the school and talk with Pastor Bell at: 770-532-6501.

RADIO SHOW December 8, 2011. Ron Baker, with Alternative Plans, a professional member of “The American Association For Wartime Veterans” (a private non-profit company that is not affiliated with any government organization) shared with us information on the Aid and Attendance benefits available to our veterans and spouses.  Many veterans and their spouses are unaware of  these valuable benefits, or have heard confusing information about qualifying for benefits.  Please listen to the show or you can contact Ron at: 800-850-5504 email: alternativeplans@clear.net.   The American Association For Wartime Veterans website is: www.usawarvet.org.

RADIO SHOW December 1, 2011.  Don Colombro – Marketing and Communications Director for Legacy Link was our guest. Legacy Link is the Area Agency on Agency for the thirteen (13) counties in the Georgia Mountains.  Don shared with us many of the valuable services offered through Legacy Link.  Legacy Link has a number of Community Based and Home Based programs that are valuable to our community.  Legacy Link also has an store at the Lakeshore Mall, in Gainesville, that is open to the public during normal business hours.  At this store you can get information and brochures about the various programs.  You can also call Legacy at: 770-538-2650 or go to their website at: www.legacylink.org.

RADIO SHOW November 17, 2011.  Today we had Bill Youngblood, owner of our local “Right at Home” assisted living and home care company, share with us his services.  With an average of 10,000 boomers turning age 65 each day the need for care at home is very important.  Bill shared with us the services that they provide will allow a person to remain at home and maintain their independence while coping with an accident or illness or simply the act of getting older.  Another important aspect of home health care is the ability to get quality care locally when potential family caregivers are perhaps in another state or simply cannot provide help. The Right at Home website is: www.rah-nega.com.  Right at Home phone number is: 770-535-3007.  You can also email Bill at: bill.youngblood@rah-nega.com. Great source to help us stay at home and maintain our independence!

RADIO SHOW November 10,2011.  Sonya Atkins, MAED, Founder & CEO of “discoverLINEN” was kind enough to appear on the show again.  A few weeks ago she was on the show and, due to technical difficulties, we were unable to record the show.  THIS IS A SHOW WORTH REPEATING.  Linen is one of the oldest fabrics made and one of the best!  For more information on this amazing fabric and how it can help seniors, babies and others go to Sonya’s website at: www.discoverLINEN.com.  You can also contact Sonya by phone at:  678-450-1150 or email her at: sonya@discoverLINEN.com. GREAT IDEA:  The holidays are coming up – WHAT A GREAT GIFT!

RADIO SHOW November 3, 2011.  Dr. Thomas Crumbley, D.C. shared with us information on back and neck pain and various ways to help relieve the pain.  Dr. Crumbley practice is located in Gainesville, GA and he has been practicing for over 20 years.  He is very up-to-date on new techniques such as “Spinal Decompression” and “Therapeutic Laser” treatment.  Please take a few minutes to review his website

at: drthomascrumbley.com. In reviewing the website, he has a number of patient testimonials that show the results of his work.  Dr. Crumbley can be emailed at: drtcrumbley@gmail.com.  Office phone number is: 770-535-0550.

RADIO SHOW October 27, 2011.  Jonell Kirby Cash, shared with us her experience of handling change.  After a death of her husband of 40+ years Jonell had choices – feel sorry for herself or look forward to the rest of her life.   In her book “A Ring, A Dance, A Second Chance” she shares with us how we can pick up the pieces and move forward.  This is a story of “Katie” starting over again with a man she knew while in school and their adjustments needed for a successful new beginning.

Jonell is a retire college professor, a national and international consultant in family counseling and group work, a clinical supervisor for marriage and family therapy, and an author of four books in the fields of psychology and counseling.  She received a doctorate from the University of Georgia.  If you know of someone facing major changes in their life – tune in!

This wonderful book can be purchased through her website at: www.jonellkirbycash.com

October 13, 2011.  DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES THIS SHOW DID NOT RECORD.  I must say that this was one of the best shows that we have done.  Our Guest, SONYA ATKINS with DISCOVER LINEN really did a fantastic job of explaining the value of linen.  The good news is that you can go to her website at: www.DiscoverLinen.com You can contact Sonya at: 678-450-1150 or email at: Sonya@DiscoverLinen.com.

RADIO SHOW October 6, 2011. Susan Rogers, with Susan Rogers Travels, shared with us many travel ideas that will prove valuable for our Boomers and Seniors.  Having a slight handicap should not prevent you from traveling!  Susan’s travel agency works with those that might have “extra” needs to enjoy many of the great vacation opportunities that are available.  Susan shared with us the following ” Travel is a healing tool. Travel will help people remove themselves from the chaos of everyday life and once again connect with who they are, their loved ones, their friend and even perfect strangers.  Travel heals relationships.  It breaks down barriers.  It gives people perspective that will change their lives.  And it’s very possible that travel will be the agent for world peace.”   Susan can be reached at: 770-560-2411; email: sesanrogerstravel@gmail.com; website: www.susanrogerstravel.com

RADIO SHOW. September 29, 2011.  Kathryn Fowler, Executive Director of the Georgia Council on Aging was our special guest.  Kathryn shared with us a number of legislative issues such as: Funding for Home and Community-Based Services; Personal Needs Allowance Increase for Medicare Recipients in Nursing Homes; Regional Transportation Governance and creation of the Department of Aging.  You can listen to the show and get the details on these subjects and others. Kathryn Fowler can be reached at: 404-657-5342.  You can send Kathryn an email at: kdfowler@dhr.state.ga.us.  The website for the Georgia Council on Aging is:  www.gcoa.org. 

RADIO SHOW September 22, 2011.  Alicia Saile, Public Affairs Specialist with the Social Security Administration, was our guest today.  Alicia was able to share with us a number of valuable tips on how best to use the Social Security website.  It is very simple to sign up for Social Security – add your automatic banking information – or change banks.  there are various “webinars” to view with helpful information.  Alicia also helped us understand how those with low income might be able to get help with Medicare prescription drug cost. There is a valuable “Frequently Asked Questions” section that can answer almost any question that you might have.  Great show – Great information!  Phone number is: 866-704-3482.  Website is: “www.socialsecurity.gov.”

RADIO SHOW September 1, 2011.  Mr. Burke Johnson, an attorney with ONE MEDIATION, INC. shared with us valuable information on the importance of planning ahead as we get older.  We discussed the typical “Elder Law” issues such as basic will, POA and healthcare directives.  Mr. Johnson also shared with us information on government benefits to fund long-term care.  We also discussed Medicare verses Medicaid and Veterans benefit.  An important part of Mr. Johnson’s practice is helping families resolve disputes through mediation and arbitration.  Mr. Johnson can be reached at: 770-654-1348 or email:burke@burkejohnsonlaw.com

RADIO SHOW August 25, 2011.  Scott Morrison, Certified Senior Adviser is the President of BrightStar, a home health care company in Georgia.  Scott shared with us information about the Culture Change Movement in Georgia.  This is a non-profit initiative to regain respect for our Elders that is missing in today’s society. Scott shared information about one of the Culture Change projects being sponsored by the “Eden at Home.”  The Eden at Home initiative is designed to create a “personal centered'” care plan in which all the Care Partners benefit.  Scott also shared with us a number of other valuable ideas – listen to the show and pick up those ideas!  Scott can be reach by phone at his office: 678-646-5400 or cell: 770-542-9544.  You an email Scott at: scott.morrison@brightstarcare.com.  Scott’s website for information about Home Health Care is: www.brightstarcare.com.

RADIO SHOW August 18, 2011.  Allison Smith, D.M.A shared with us information about women aging without children or family support.  Allison represents “LifeVine” a non-profit organization devoted to helping women.  LifeVine’s mission is to connect , equip, and serve adult women with limited or no family support to live a healthier, more independent lives without fear of the future.  You can contact Allison at: 678-749-7599 – email at: allison.smith@mylifevine.org.  You can also go to the website at: www.mylifevine.org for additional information.

RADIO SHOW August 11, 2011.  We had two great guests on the show this week. Alan M. Densen, Education and Resources Specialist, Northeast Georgia Area on Aging and Connie Wilkes, ResCare. Alan shared with us information about the “2011 Elder Rights Symposium” being held at the Oconee County Civic Center, 2661 Hog Mountain Road, Watkinsville, GA on September 8, 2011.   Alan also shared with us information on Elder Abuse, primarily financial abuse.  For more information about the 2011 Elder Rights Symposium contact: Chris Hill, 706-549-4850 or email: chill@accaging.org to register.  Connie shared with us information on the “Caregiver Celebration” being held in the Athens area on November 2, 2011.  Contact Connie at 706-353-6444 or email: cwilkes@rescare.com.

RADIO SHOW August 4, 2011.  Merry E. Howard, Manager Gainesville-Hall County Senior Life Center was our special guest today.  Merry shared with us the any activities and services the Senior Center provides the 60 plus age group.  It is amazing all of the activities that they have, and coordinate, at the center.  Merry also shared with us the fact that the Center can be rented out for special functions after 2:00 pm during the week and all day on weekends – great location with plenty of parking – can accommodate 75 + people.  The address for the Center is: 434 Prior Street, Gainesville, GA  30501.  Merry can be reached at: 770-503-3353 or email at: MHoward@gainesville.org.

RADIO SHOW July 28, 2011  Kay Blackstock, Executive Director – Georgia Mountain Food Bank shared with us information about the important mission of the food bank.  The Georgia Mountain Food Bank distributed 1,420,511 pounds of food in 2010!  The value of this food was approximately $2,301,228. When you figure that the total operating expenses of $190,902 you have a “value distributed” per dollar of expense of $12.05 – that is an amazing return! Kay also shared with us the news that they will be having a “ground breaking” event for the construction of a new location to help them increase their efficiency and distribution.  The Georgia Mountain Food Bank serves Dawson, Forsyth, Hall, Lumpkin and Union Counties and works with 34 nonprofit organizations in north Georgia.  Many food pantries, resource/crisis centers, group homes, shelters, soup kitchens and senior centers in the 5 county area rely on the food bank as a primary food supplier. The Georgia Mountain Food Bank is an affiliate of the Atlanta Community Food Bank.  If you would like to help, Kay Blackstock can be reached at: 770-967-0075 or you can go to their website at: www.gamountainfoodbank.org and leave her an email.

RADIO SHOW July 21, 2011.  We discussed Long-Term Care Insurance – the past , present and future.  We shared with the audience the fact that 40% of the people needing long-term care are adults between the ages of 18 and 64!  We also discussed the cooperation of the various states and federal government to help in the purchase of Long-Term Care Insurance.  Other information about this valuable subject is here on the website.  Call or email me for additional information.

RADIO SHOW July 14, 2011 Kimberly Smith, MS, OTR/L and Dr. Grayson Gentzel, PT, D.P.T.  shared with us information on the local Alzheimer’s Association activities.  They went over a number of the “signs” of Alzheimer’s disease and other issues effecting the person with Alzheimer’s and their family and caregivers.  Ms. Smith and Dr. Gentzel also threw out a challenge to the listening audience to consider becoming a volunteer for the Association, this would require 2 days of training and the volunteer would become a valuable asset to our community.  For additional information about the Alzheimer’s Association you can go to their website at: www.alz.org.  Locally you can email Kimberly Smith at: ksmith_ot@gmail.com.


RADIO SHOW June 30, 2011. Donald Linnartz, AARP Driving School Area Director, share with us the Driver Safety Program that is targeted for the 50+ age group.  This program has helped millions of drivers age 50+ learn safety strategies and tips to help them adapt to physical and mental changes related to aging.  36 states, including Georgia, require all automobile insurance companies conducting business in their state to provide premium discounts to participants who complete the state-approved driver safety course and meet all the state requirements.   Georgia’s discount is 10% – the classroom class is only 6 hours and the price is very, very low!   Mr. Linnartz also shared with us valuable information about when it might be time to “Give Up the Car Keys.”  This can be a very sensitive issue and he share with us pointers on how to approach the subject.  Classes for the Driver Safety Program are available in most areas – call Mr Linnartz: 770-538-4816, his email address is: delinnartz@gmail.com.  for additional information.  You can also go on line to www.aarp.org/drive or call 888-227-7667 to find classes in your area.

RADIO SHOW June 16, 2011.  Mary Poland, Branch Manager – Hall County Library System – Spout Springs location was our guest.  Mary shared with us the many services and tools that the library system provides to the residents of the area.  After doing the show I realized what a wonderful resource we have to help enrich our lives.  GO SEE WHAT YOUR LIBRARY HAS TO OFFER. Mary can be reached at  770-532-3311, ext.198.  Her email address is: mpoland@hallcountylibrary.org and the website for the library system is: www.hallcountylibrary.org.

RADIO SHOW June 9, 2011.  The Gainesville YMCA shared with us many of the programs that they have to help our seniors both physically and socially.  The YMCA is oftentimes overlooked as a great community support organization.  For more information on their programs contact Lynn Adams, Associate Executive Director.  Her phone number is: 770-297-9622 ext 235. Her email address is: ladams@gamountainsymca.org.

RADIO SHOW June 2, 2011 Kathy Amos, Director of the BULLI program at Brenau University was our guest. Kathy shared with us information on this “Center for Lifetime Study” program that was started in 1994 to provide non-credit classes for those mature adults looking to stimulate their thinking and expand their knowledge.  Summer classes start next week and there is still time to sign up! Kathy can be reached at 770-538-4705, email: kamos@brenau.edu or go to website:  http://www.intranet.brenau.edu/bulli.

RADIO SHOW May 26, 2011. Todd Fields, CFP – President of Trusted Wealth Management provided some valuable advice for Boomers and Seniors relative to financial planning for their retirement assets.  We are faced with various investment decisions and Mr. Fields shared with us some of the processes we need to go through to better understand our retirement needs and how to accomplish financial security.  Mr. Fields, CFP can be reached at: 678-288-2016 or you can email him at: todd@trustedwealthmanagement.com.  The website for Trusted Wealth Management is: www.trustedwealthmanagement.com.

RADIO SHOW Mary Stribling and Sandra Fricks with “A PLACE FOR MOM” shared with us valuable information about various areas that they work with seniors and their families.  “A PLACE FOR MOM was established in the year 2000 and currently gets in excess of 300,000 “hits” to their website monthly!  For more information about their valuable services you can contact Mary Stribling at 888-505-5454 or email at marys@aplaceformom.com. Sandra Fricks, M.S can be reached at 866-378-6021 or email her at sandraf@aplaceformom.com. The company website is www.aplaceformom.com.

RADIO SHOW Dr. Charlie DeCook, M.D. is a Orthopedic Surgeon that specializes in helping people with knee and hip problems.  There have been a number of improvements in the partial replacement and full replacement of knees and the full replacement of hips.  With the new technology both partial and full knee replacement can be “custom tailored” to fit your specific needs.  The “Anterior” approach to hip replacement typically provides for a faster recovery and fewer restrictions and less pain compared to the traditional surgery.  Dr. DeCook is part of the Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine section of the Longstreet Clinic in Gainesville, GA .  The website for the clinic is www.longstreetclinic.com.  The clinic has two locations for your convenience:  Hoschton, Ga 770-533-4770 and Gainesville, Ga 770-532-7092.

RADIO SHOW Jim Higgins with the Dahlonega Hearing Aid Center share with us information about various hearing problems and the solutions for those problems.  Technology has made major improvements in hearing aids and you may want to revisit these newer units.  Mr. Higgins also share with us a couple of places that might be able to help (financially) if you or someone you know might need help – his company can also offer some finance plans to make the purchase easier for the clients.

For Lions Club assistance:  www.lionslighthouse.org then click on “Apply” then “Hearing Aids” this should give you the application which can be printed.

Starkey Hearing Foundation:  www.starkeyhearingfoundation.org click on “Programs” then “Hear Now.”

The Dahlonega Hearing Aid Center can be contacted a: (888) 452-6090 or you can email Mr. Higgins at: JHiggins@aah.net

RADIO SHOW J.C. (Bucky) Highsmith, Jr. is a local North Georgia attorney that has been practicing in  our area since 1983.  Mr. Highsmith’s specialty centers around seniors and is involved in estate and trust disputes, estate planning, wills, trusts, probate, estate settlements, trust administration, will contests, guardianships, conservatorships and similar legal matters that can prove valuable to seniors and boomers.  Mr. Highsmith can be reached directly at  678-207-2034 or you can email him at: jhighsmith@smf-law.com.

The firm has the following website: www.smf-law.com.

RADIO SHOW Carol Hurst, a Reverse Mortgage Specialist representing Diamond Mortgage and Investments, was our guest.  Carol shared with us many of the values of a Reverse Mortgage.  If you are 62 and older this might be something you may want to investigate!  Carol can be reached by phone: 770-314-0027; email: CHurst@DiamondMi.us.  Carol also has a website at: YourReverseMortgageRep.com. 

RADIO SHOW Frank W. Armstrong, local Gainesville attorney known for his commitment to environmental protection and conservation, shared with us information about the upcoming “Sustainability in Business Forum.”  The Forum will be held at Featherbone Communiversity – Manufacturing Development Center at 999 Chestnut Street, Gainesville.  6:00 pm Welcome Reception with  heavy hors d’ oeuvres with the meeting starting at 7:00 pm.  The closing remarks will be at 8:30 pm.  The meeting is FREE; however, it is important that your please register by emailing “rfoote@hallcounty.org” of you intention to attend.

RADIO SHOW.  Nancy Peeples, Resource Specialist with the Disability Resources Center located in Gainesville, GA that services 13 of the Northeast Georgia counties, was our guest.   Nancy shared with us some of the services that they can provide and various areas that they can help people with disabilities.  Nancy can be reached at their office at 770/534-6656 or email her at: Nancy.Peeples@disabilityresourcecenter.org.  The website is: disabilityresourcecenter.org.

RADIO SHOW. Discussed the different aspects of Long-Term Care – went into Long-Term Care Insurance and the importance that it an play in your overall financial security.  For more information you can contact me – Charles White at 770-380-9727 or email: charles@50plusinfo.net.

RADIO SHOW.  Teresa Sosebee and Lisa Smith, with Comfort Keepers, shared with us valuable information about the  “Home Health Care” industry.  Comfort Keepers specializes in helping people stay in their homes by providing in home care.  Help is available for a few hour or 24 hour per day.  You can contact Teresa Sosebee at 706-835-2607, or you can email her at: Teresasosebee@comfortkeepers.com.  You can also go to their website at www.comfortkeepers.com.

RADIO SHOW March 17, 2011. Maurice Madden, Georgia Director of the Medicare Diabetes Screening Project, share with us information about the “free” screening that is available to seniors 65 and older.  Medicare has approved this screening, through your doctor, to help our seniors say health and perhaps catch the diabetes at an early stage. Certain supplies are also available through Medicare that are free and help our seniors stay healthy.   You can review information about the program at www.screenfordiabetes.org.  You can also contact Mr. Madden at 404-483-2640 or email at: mfilms_2000@yahoo.com.

RADIO SHOW March 10, 2011. Jeffrey A. Barnard, President of Barnard Financial Group and very active with the Veterans Benefit Alliance shared with us some valuable information about Veteran’s benefits specifically “Aid and Attendance” pension benefits.  It has been  stated that only about 30% of the Veterans are aware and take advantage of these valuable benefits.  Mr. Barnard can be reached by phone at 770-992-1119 or you can email him at barnardfinancialgroup@gmail.com.  You can also get information on Veteran’s benefits at www.va.gov.

RADIO SHOWFebruary 24, 2011.  Rick Montgomery, President of HTCare, LLC. share with us some of the new innovations, and new ones being developed, to help us stay in our homes longer.  You can reach Mr. Montgomery at: 706-769-9797 or email at: “rick.m@htcare.net.”  You can visit the website at “www.htcare.net”

RADIO SHOW February 17, 2011.  Erika Walker, Sage Wave Consulting was on the show sharing with us her involvement in working with businesses and communities understand and prepare for the aging population.  Her extensive knowledge and experience are greatly needed in almost all communities that want to be a valuable part of the growing “Boomer” and “Senior” movement.  Fantastic experience – great resource to our North Georgia area!  Erika can be reached – office:678-971-4778 – Mobile: 864-313-9691 – Email: etwalker2@charter.net and her website is: www.sagewave.net.

RADIO SHOW February 10, 2011.Dr. Bonnie J. Kin, Ph. D, Professor of Psychology, Clinic Director – Brenau Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, Graduate Academic Fieldwork Coordinator shared with us information o the Master of Science in Applied Geronotogy offered at Brenau University.  This Master Degree is unique in that it can be achieved through online studies.  Dr. Kin can be reach by phone at:770-297-5951 or by email at: bkin@brenau.org.

RADIO SHOW February 3, 2011.  Eva Johnson, RN, MSN, ANP-BC who is the Heart Failure Disease Manager at Northeast Medical Center will share with us current information on Heart Failure Disease Process and some of the new innovative tools to help our senior stay Heart Healthy.  Eva can be reached at 770-219-2017 or email eva.johnson@nghs.com or by phone at: 770-297-5951.

RADIO SHOW.  January 27, 2011.  Shirley Lucia. Shirley is with InTouch TeleCare and shared with us some very innovative new tools to help seniors stay in their homes.  These tools are designed to help family caregivers “off site” make sure that the senior is alright.  You can reach Shirley at 770-985-9572 or you can email her at luciashirley@comcast.net.  You can look at a brochure on the products offered at  www.InTouchTeleCare.com and you can also watch a video created by the Discovery Channel at: http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/discovery-channel-cme-future-family-part-2.html#mkcpgn=fb3

RADIO SHOW. January 20, 2011.  Susan Rogers.  Susan owns “Susan Rogers Travel and will help us with various travel tips.  Susan has been involved in the travel industry for about 25 years and specializes in working with older adults.  She has some great tips about extra services that are available that may have prevented some from traveling.  Susan can be reached at 770-560-2411 or email at susanrogerstravels@gmail.com.  Check our her website at www.susanrogerstravels.com.January 6, 2011.

Ellen Day. Ellen is the Family Services Counselor for Memorial Park Funeral Home and share with us the importance of “preplanning” for our final needs.  Preplanning can help us eliminate a number of problems associated with our death or the death of a loved one.  Both financial and communication needs can be met through preplanning.  You can contact Ellen at Memorial Park Funeral Home at 770-287-8227 or on her cell phone at 770-510-3118.

RADIO SHOW December 16, 2010.  Morris McClure, president of the Lanier Shrine Club, shared with us valuable information on the specialized care given to children under the age of 18 with orthopedic conditions or suffer from burns.  He explained how the 22 orthopedic and 3 burns hospitals work with the children with no direct charges to the families.  Mr. McClure also shared with us the ongoing commitment the Shriners have to research.  Mr. McClure can be reached at 678-316-8216 or call me (Charles White) at 770-380-9727 for further information about these valuable programs.

RADIO SHOW December 9, 2010.  Rabbi Scott Saulson, PhD shared with us some valuable information on helping Care Givers and their families.  The primary tool in his practice is “open communication.”  Rabbi Saulson has a company called “Moving Parents” where part of his goal is to get the family, or decision makers, together to discuss the various concerns and options that they discuss.  Rabbi Saulson’s website is full of valuable links to other sources of information to help that can help – www.movingparents.org.  Rabbi Saulson can be reached at 770-335-2311.  his email is “movingparents@bellsouth.net.

RADIO SHOW December 2, 2010.  Faye Christopher is the Senior Community Services Employment Project Director with Legecy Links, Inc.  Faye shared with us the employment program that is available to seniors (55+) that are considered low income.  Faye can be reached at 678-677-8501.

RADIO SHOW November 18 & 25, 2010.  Dr. William Jervis,who works with Laurelwood which is part of Northeast Georgia Medical Center, shared with us information on depression – especially around the holidays.  Dr. Jervis can be reached william.jervis@nghs.com or call (770) 219-3800.

RADIO SHOW November 11, 2010.  Kristina Rhoades (HotWheels), general manager for the radio station, helped us understand some of the basics of “Social Media.”  You can email her at krhoades@brenau.edu or call 770-531-3186.  Charles White explained some of the basics of Medicare Advantage plans and Open Enrollment.

RADIO SHOW November 4, 2010.  Lisa Fry, Hospice Nurse Liaison – Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Inc. Helped us have a better understanding of hospice services and when is the best time to contact them.  Lisa can be reached at 770-219-8888 or you can email her at lisa.fry@nghs.com.

RADIO SHOW October 28, 2010.  Charles White.  discussed Long Term and Short Term Care.  Offered, to anyone that was interested, the six page insert from Kiplinger Magazine (still available).  You can reach me through the “Contact Us” on the menu or call 770-380-9727.

RADIO SHOW October 21, 2010. Rosemary Wood Dodd is a long term resident of the Gainesville area and someone that has helped, and continues to help, shape the culture of the Gainesville area.  She has a great art studio called the “Blue Angles” among the various other projects she is involved with.  If you need more information go to the “Contact Us” on the menu listing to email me.

RADIO SHOW October 14, 2010. Ricardo Boye’s show was repeated due to the schedule at the university.  Please see September 23rd below for details.  Great Show!


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